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19 Juli 2012

GM Announces Program to assist You Rent Your automotive

Rental Mobil Pekanbaru, Car sharing services have gained in popularity over the past few years. automotive sharing eliminates the necessity for several folks to have their own vehicle and this reduces the quantity of vehicles on the roads. Fewer vehicles on the road suggests that less hold up and fewer pollution. Some studies show that one shared automotive will cause up to thirteen fewer cars on the nation’s highways. though automotive sharing could be a growing trend, a replacement partnership between General Motors and RelayRides could be the tipping purpose for the trade. This partnership has the potential to dramatically increase the quantity of shared cars accessible to shoppers here within the us.

GM’s partnership with RelayRides, a peer-to-peer automotive sharing marketplace, has resulted in an exceedingly new mobile app that utilizes GM’s OnStar technology to attach automotive homeowners with people that require to rent a automotive. the whole method is managed entirely from the renter’s good phone.

RelayRides is that the 1st third-party organization to figure with OnStar’s application program interface (API) and also the result was an app that allows renters to find and reserve a vehicle and then remotely unlock the vehicle once the reservation time begins.

“Using the OnStar API to access GM vehicles empowers RelayRides to form automotive sharing even safer and additional convenient,” said Shelby Clark, RelayRides founder and Chief Community Officer. “The sheer variety of vehicles eligible for the program permits us to greatly expand across the U.S. and introduce the economic, environmental and community edges of automotive sharing to regions that automotive sharing services have previously been unable to serve.” Source: GM

The ability to remotely lock and unlock the vehicle’s door via the OnStar service is convenient as a result of the automotive owner doesn’t ought to wait around till the renter shows up. there's no physical transfer of keys and thus this presents new opportunities for automotive homeowners to rent a vehicle when it isn’t being employed.

For example, a vacationing family will earn some additional money by renting out their vehicle through the RelayRides/GM Onstar program since they don’t ought to be there, in person, at hand over the keys.

Vehicle {owners|house homeowners|homeowners} that participate within the program will rest simple knowing that RelayRides provides a $1 million insurance policy for owners and a $300,000 insurance policy for renters. - visit Rental Mobil Jakarta